Energy efficiency for your home or business is paramount and in Queensland we are lucky enough to have the best weather for installing solar power, but what are the advantages of using solar power in your home or business?  Find out below 5 advantages of using solar power.


  1. Solar power is pollution free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted after they have been installed. This in turn reduces the dependence on fossil fuels reducing electrical costs immediately after installation.


  1. Can be installed virtually anywhere; fields, buildings, roofs. The aesthetics are improving and making solar more versatile compares to older models.  No longer do you need to have big bulky panels on your home.


  1. Technology is always improving therefore efficiency is as well. The means that the same size solar that is available today will become more efficient tomorrow.  Today even on those cloudy days you can produce some power through solar energy.


  1. Solar is safer than traditional electrical current and can be used to heat water, power homes and even charge cars. With the addition of batteries, solar power can be stored and used overnight.


  1. Depending on your panels and usage, you can sell your excess power back to the power company if grid inter tied. This along with the benefit of virtually no maintenance and the ability to be able to live grid free, the savings alone of going solar is a major advantage.


With the added benefit of federal grants, tax incentives and rebate programs, installing solar power in your home or business today is a sound decision.

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