Today with Australia in drought we need to make every effort we can to save water but in Queensland most of us have a garden or landscape that requires watering each day.  Without the proper watering and nutrients our beautiful lawns, the flowers and, shrubs, and trees will soon perish. Thankfully with a professionally installed irrigation system, you can enjoy a thriving garden without wasting water.

At Alpha PMS we are interested in water conservation and have a broad selection of irrigation tips for your year-round success.

  • Take a walk around your garden and check to see any signs of leaking from your sprinkler system. Even a small leak can add up in cost and wasted water.
  • As the year progresses think about changing the irrigation controller to account for any weather changes.  You will need more water during the summer months than in the cooler months.
  • Think about installing a rain shut off device to prevent your irrigation system from operating when it isn’t needed.
  • To reduce evaporation loss, water your lawn after the sun has set.
  • Check your sprinkler system’s operating pressure against your home’s water pressure. The difference can actually affect daily operation and watering efficiency.
  • Convert your landscape to low water use with drought-resistant plants, shrubs, trees, and grass, to save money in the long-run.

During an emergency drought event, you may be required to completely restrict your watering schedule so a good method to adhere to drought restrictions while making sure your plants thrive is to install a drip irrigation system.

Contact Alpha PMS today to help install your new irrigation system.

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