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Assessing your Air Conditioning Needs throughout the Gold Coast

Air conditioning is perhaps one of the most essential services on the Gold Coast, particularly in times of extreme heat. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow or failed air conditioning system. For many companies, a failure in their air conditioning can have drastic ramifications for business. Thus, any business owner on the Gold Coast should have an understanding of air conditioning processes and options. As your Gold Coast experts on commercial air conditioning installation and maintenance, Alpha PMS is happy to provide an orientation to this important aspect of your organisation.


The first step in ensuring quality air conditioning is having reliable installation. Installation is a complex process, especially given the high needs of businesses on the Gold Coast. Fortunately, Alpha PMS has worked with a wide variety of offices, markets, agencies, apartment complexes, and manufacturers, giving us expertise in provide quality installation for virtually every situation. We work in depth during the design and construction process to ensure that you receive a high quality air conditioning system that will effectively power your facilities for many years to come.

Preventative Maintenance

For those air conditioning systems already in existence, one of the most overlooked aspects of operation is preventative maintenance. The reality is that regular preventative maintenance serves a number of purposes. First, it helps detect problems that may exist but not yet show discernible operational effects. Secondly, it allows for the system to be cleaned, which improves functionality while reducing costs. Overall, preventative maintenance will effectively prevent system failures while decreases costs of running the system, improving efficiency, and creating greater sustainability. Alpha PMS is happy to provide a variety of preventative maintenance options to our Gold Coast clients.

Air Conditioning Options

Finally, for those with an upcoming building project or those considering an upgrade, it is important to understand the various types of systems currently on the market as there is a vast difference between residential and commercial air conditioning. There are three major types of commercial air conditioning systems.

A single split system is used to cool individual rooms or a relatively small open environment. This type of system is typically ideal for small offices or shops and is relatively low cost in nature.

A multi-split system, by contrast, provides greater flexibility for different indoor environments. One of the benefits is that it takes up less outdoor space than a single split system.

Finally, VRF/VRV air conditioning provides high quality, efficient air conditioning. For organisations larger than a small business, this is the ideal product as it will promote efficiency and sustainability, particularly impressive given the high requirements of air conditioning on the Gold Coast.

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