In today’s world with our reliance on technology the last thing your business needs is to have the power supply cut off for hours.  This can not only be disruptive to your business but also costly. In areas where power failures, blackout or brownouts are common you need to have a backup plan.  Even when there is a storm warning, you need to be prepared for all emergencies. Below are 7 reasons why you should invest in a Backup Generator:

  1. Prevent food loss from spoiling. When the power goes out in your business (and home as well) and stay out for hours it can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars of your products going to waste.
  2. Standby generators kick within seconds of a power outage. When a power outage occurs and your prepared you won’t even have to wait long before your generator kicks in.  It will start and warm up for a few seconds and then power up your business so you won’t be without power for long.  
  3. When Power returns, you won’t even notice.  There are standby generators available that will ensure that once the power is turned back on again it is stable enough to power your business again.  Once it is the generator has cooled down it will turn off and your business will just continue to run operate with little interruption.
  4. Security coverage won’t be disrupted keeping your business safe. With a backup emergency generator that kicks on within seconds, you’ll hear a warning beep, but the power should be up and running quickly enough that there’s no real disruption in protection for your business.
  5. Generators keep sump pumps working properly. If there is a particularly fierce storm you may need to pump out water so your business isn’t damaged. Keeping an emergency generator will help keep the sump pump running with minimal interruption which could mean minimal damage from wet weather that knocks out the power grid.
  6. You can keep connections with others. In today’s society we are technology based so we have several digital devices we use to communicate with.  Loss of power may result in the loss of communication, especially over long periods of time.
  7. You never know when you need backup power. There are many reasons that the power might go out. Severe weather, trees falling onto power lines, and no one can predict exactly when something like that might happen or how long it might last.  

Don’t get stuck without power because you didn’t maintain or purchase a new emergency generator and call Alpha PMS today!

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