Getting your Car park Ventilation right

At first glance, an underground car park doesn't look like much. It might even be dark and somewhat dreary. Unlike its counterpart, the parking lot, underground parking garages often have issues with ventilation. Car Park Ventilation Problems When the car park is...

Importance of Building Ventilation on Your Health

When you move into a new house, you probably expect some degree of safety measures put in place by the building developers or previous owners. But do you know how deep they run? The usual fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors? What about...

What are Submersible Pumps and Where Do You Use Them?

There are several types of pumps available in the market. The type you should use depends on the applications you intend to use it for and the prospective working conditions. Submersible pumps might be the most flexible because unlike the external pumps that operate...

Why Maintenance and Repair is important for Your Pumps

Pumping systems often carry out heavy-duty tasks. From pumping of water or slurry to extracting of water from subsoil and more, it’s pertinent that they remain in top-notch condition. Preventative maintenance can involve daily cleaning, lubrication, replacement of...

Extracting Water from Subsoil

As a farmer, especially in Australia, you’ve probably seen firsthand what a lack of sufficient rainfall can do to crops. Times have changed. No one is sitting around hoping for rainfall anymore. Proactive measures are being taken. One particularly ingenious measure is...

Stairwell Pressurisation

For homeowners and commercial building owners, building safety is a top priority. And while they might have insurance coverage, avoiding mishaps is still worth attention. One of the most devastating events that could occur in a building is a fire outbreak. Numerous...

How Submersible Pumps Work

A submersible pump is a pumping device that is impervious to water or any fluid it is submerged in. Also, instead of pulling water up as is usual with pumping devices, it operates by pushing it to the surface. Working Principle of Submersible Pumps Let's review the...

solar 1 400x250 - BLOG

5 Advantages of Installing Solar Power

Energy efficiency for your home or business is paramount and in Queensland we are lucky enough to have the best weather for installing solar power, but what are the advantages of using solar power in your home or business?  Find out below 5 advantages of using solar...

sprinkler in ground Main 400x250 - BLOG

6 Water Saving Tips for your Irrigation System!

Today with Australia in drought we need to make every effort we can to save water but in Queensland most of us have a garden or landscape that requires watering each day.  Without the proper watering and nutrients our beautiful lawns, the flowers and, shrubs, and...

Tips on choosing the best air conditioner for your home 400x250 - BLOG

Why is it important to have the right size air conditioner?

In Australia, the heat can be unbearable in the summer and the winters can be cold, even in Queensland. A good quality air conditioner is the best way to keep comfortable but what size do you get and why is it important to have the right sized air conditioner?  ...

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