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Understanding Car Park Ventilation: Gold Coast

If you own a car park, chances are that you may not fully understand the various mechanisms that go into your ventilation system. However, car park ventilation is particularly important in an effort to prevent excessive carbon monoxide buildup while helping provide for fire response services. However, no two car parks are exactly alike which means the specific type needed will vary based upon the design, setup, and use of each individual car park on the Gold Coast. In order to better understand the various types of car park ventilation systems, we want to provide a quick, easy to understand guide.

Types of Car Park Ventilation Gold Coast

Natural Ventilation is by far the preference for car parks which simply utilises natural air openings in order to ventilate the car park. While this type is preferred, it is not always possible particularly for underground car parks.

Traditional Systems are fairly common and utilise ductwork to transport fumes or smoke to the outdoors. While these systems are functional, the low clearance of most car parks makes ducts susceptible to damage from vehicles as part of the design requires ducts to drop to facilitate extraction.

Mechanical Extract Systems utilise fans to expel excessive carbon monoxide to predetermined levels.

Jet Fan Systems are the newest and perhaps most effective method, which has led to them becoming increasingly popular as they account for many of the problems experienced with other systems. Instead of ductwork, jet fans drive fumes towards extract fans. These systems ultimately save space, have relatively low noise, and provide energy and cost savings to car parks.

It is also often beneficial for cark parks ventilation in the Gold Coast to involve a Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System. This provides a nuanced control over ventilation systems, allowing them to only operate as needed. With many systems functioning on timers or either running all the time, car parks can run up costly energy bills. A Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System means that your car park ventilation system will operate with maximum efficiency.

As you consider your car park ventilation needs, Alpha PMS is ready to provide consultations to help you determine what system and tools will work most efficiently for your facility. Our experts have extensive experience installing car park ventilation systems throughout the Gold Coast and can help assess the need of your operation. If you want to save energy costs while improving efficiency and becoming more sustainable, contact us today for a consultation.

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