As a farmer, especially in Australia, you’ve probably seen firsthand what a lack of sufficient rainfall can do to crops.

Times have changed.

No one is sitting around hoping for rainfall anymore. Proactive measures are being taken.

One particularly ingenious measure is the extraction of water from the subsoil.

Subsoil Constraints

Subsoil water is water that has collected in the stratum of the Earth, just below the surface level. Due to its position, it’s not exactly easy to reach.

Numerous constraints exist, making it difficult for this water to be extracted.

Some of these are chemical constraints such as nutrient deficiencies, pH, and salinity of the soil. They could also be physical constraints such as gravel levels or even biological constraints.

Regardless of the cause, it’s pertinent that a farmer finds an efficient means of maximising water use. They must make full use of all soil moisture available.

Maximising Subsoil Water

To do this, you must start at the root…pun intended.

Structural improvement and changes to agricultural practices are invaluable here.

To provide water for your plants, your best bet is to extract it with an excellent pump system that can help to extract water from subsoil.

Subsoil Water Extraction

There are various ways of doing this to maximise the provision of water for your agricultural needs including:

  • A direct method where water is extracted and used immediately.
  • A seasonal method where water is extracted only during a season and stored in reservoirs for future use.
  • An annual method where water is extracted throughout the year and stored until it is required.

These methods of storing water ensure it’s always available without the need for constant extraction.

Irrespective of the method you choose, you have to extract the water first.

Here are a few things to consider before selecting a pumping system

  • Cost of units and installation.
  • Energy/power requirement.
  • Durability and efficiency [1].

The unit you choose must be suitable for the environment it’ll be installed in. The best option would be to go with a submersible pump.

High-quality submersible pumps and motors are built to withstand tough conditions. They are also capable of extracting water from deep within the soil to the surface by a transfer of energy that pushes the water upward.

Several manufacturers have put in the work to produce excellent submersible pumps that can extract subsoil water. In the Gold Coast, there’s DAB pumps, Grundfos Pumps, and the Pump Shop.

If you need these pumps and their installation, then contact us at Alpha PMS. We stock products from all the major brands and are available for all your water pumping needs.


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