In some states, various occupational trade-licences are required for building, plumbing, electrical and specific types of refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) work. These licences cover safety and consumer protection.

The State based trade license entitles you to undertake some ‘refrigeration and air conditioning’ work however, when installing, servicing or decommissioning RAC systems, regardless of whether the state licence entitlements include ‘refrigeration and air conditioning’, you must have the appropriate ARC licence. The states do not have a substitute for an ARC licence.

The ARC licence is an environmental-based licence and the only national licence for the refrigeration and air conditioning trade. It is qualifications based.  Licence applications are not, and have not, been approved based on experience alone. This is important, as it confirms only appropriately qualified people can receive a licence, ensuring the professionalism for the industry.

If your confused the by the requirements then read on – If the system contains ozone depleting or synthetic greenhouse gas refrigerant, you need an ARC licence. It is also important that technicians find out what relevant state licences they need for the work they wish to do. Being compliant with all your licensing requirements should be a non-negotiable when it comes to running a business and performing trade services. Contact us for more about HVAC System in Gold Coast 

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