A submersible pump is a pumping device that is impervious to water or any fluid it is submerged in. Also, instead of pulling water up as is usual with pumping devices, it operates by pushing it to the surface.

Working Principle of Submersible Pumps

Let’s review the design first to get a feel of these devices.

Submersible pumps can either be built with a single-stage design or with multiple-stages. The stage consists of a motor which runs when connected to a power source to pump the water.

There is a bit of physics involved in how a submersible pump work. However, the short answer is that with centrifugal forces, they can rotate impellers which transfer energy from the motor to the water, eventually pushing the water to the surface and out.

Applications of a Submersible Pump

This ingenious technique that submersible pumps employ in pumping water has made them highly desirable in this field.

In the Gold Coast, customers are going for these types of pumps, and manufacturers are not slacking at all in meeting demand.

On that note, submersible pumps can be applied to the following processes

  •  Basic drainage and pumping in industries and residential buildings
  •  Submersible pumps can handle pumping of slurry in sewage treatment plants.
  •  For removal of water from flooded areas.
  • These pumps can work inside oil wells to provide a bit of “artificial lift” in oil production.
  •  They can be used in water wells and deep well drilling.
  •  They can function well in offshore drilling rigs and irrigation systems [1].

This is a rather wide array of applications. It isn’t far-fetched at all considering the various classes that exist.

Each class of submersible pumps is suited for a particular type of work and condition of operation. Some of these classes include aerators, borehole pumps, slurry pumps, and sump pumps.

Advantages of Submersible Pumps

  • These pumps are versatile as the above shows. Some can handle solids while others can only handle liquids; some can even do a combination of both.
  • They are typically quieter than above-ground pumps.
  • Because they are submerged, there’s no spike or changes in water pressure, thus, cavitation is not an issue here.

If you require any of their applications listed above, then a submersible pump might be for you.

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