When you move into a new house, you probably expect some degree of safety measures put in place by the building developers or previous owners.

But do you know how deep they run? The usual fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors? What about building ventilation or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system?

How much do you know about these? Let’s review.

Building Ventilation

In the simplest of terms, ventilation is the process of introducing “clean” air from outside and getting rid of “bad” air. This bad air can come from different sources.

Building Ventilation Requirements

In the Gold Coast and other parts of Australia, certain standards must be met in regard to building ventilation systems. A good ventilation system implies natural ventilation. However, it is often recommended that mechanical ventilation supplements this to provide appropriate airflow.

Classification of building ventilation according to the Australian Building Codes depends on parameters of the HVAC system such as flow rate, temperature, velocity, and throw [1].

Components of a building ventilation plan include:

  • Natural and forced air ventilation fan systems.
  • Stair pressure and lobby relief fan systems.
  • Dust extraction fan systems.
  • Toilet exhaust and toxic air fan systems [2].

Building ventilation is required for the following reasons:

  • To provide oxygen for human respiration.
  • To dilute and remove airborne contaminants.
  • To ensure the correct operation of combustion appliances.
  • To provide thermal comfort.
  • To control smoke and ensure smoke clearance.

HVAC Systems Gold Coast

This is essential in building ventilation. An unhealthy HVAC/building ventilation system reduces air quality in your house. This can lead to several conditions including nasal congestion, coughs, or even the worsening of respiratory conditions. Also, there may be mould build-up which can cause severe respiratory issues.

Not to mention the financial problems an unhealthy system can cause you.

A good building ventilation system must work to provide good air balance and proportional airflow.

Benefits of having good building ventilation:

  • It has a positive impact on health and well-being.
  • It creates a cooler environment.
  • It prevents condensation that could lead to mould.
  • It ensures good air regulation and flow.
  • It helps to control airborne impurities.

What can you do about your building’s ventilation? Start with a ventilation test to identify poor airflow, inefficiencies, and areas of non-compliance with the standards [3].

To do this and also get started with a solid plan to improve your building’s ventilation in the Gold Coast, contact us at Alpha PMS today.


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