Effective irrigation is invaluable for residents on the Gold Coast, be it for agricultural purposes or just to keep their yards green and lush.

The best way to achieve this is with the use of an irrigation pump system.

Irrigation Pump Systems

These are used to pump water from a lower level to a higher one. The water then flows through the channels that require irrigation. This is the basic principle, however, some variations in irrigation pump systems result in different operating principles.

How to select the perfect irrigation pump system for your needs

This mostly depends on what exactly those needs are. Beyond that, a few other features you must consider are

  1. Operating pressure needed

This is especially important for farming irrigation needs. Determine the exact pressure needed to distribute water to your crops evenly. Otherwise, you run the risk of overwatering some plants and under-watering others.

  1. Costs

A smart business owner should create a budget that leaves room for profit or a reasonable return on investment. Consider capital costs, depreciation, and even external costs.

An external cost could be the cost per unit of power required to power the irrigation system. Failure to do this might make you end up saving money on the irrigation front but spending more money on power.

  1. Longevity

You must consider how durable the entire system is. These pumps are often kept in places where a lot of wear and tear is unavoidable.

Even the internal action could be slowly chipping away at it. This could result in lower or weaker pump performance.

Try to choose a system that accounts for these elements.

  1. Logistics

How often do you intend to use it? Does it require extra effort for installation or storage? Are there facilities readily available for its maintenance?

Consider all this and more before making a final decision.

Finding the right pump for your needs

The main categories of irrigation pumps are rotodynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps.

Rotodynamic pumps typically provide more power and speed, therefore, are more suited for agricultural irrigation purposes.

Positive displacement pumps, on the other hand, are low volume and high head pumps, making them unsuitable in irrigation systems. They are better off being used in constant flow systems such as drip, spray, or mist irrigation [1].

To choose the right one for you, consider all the variables including pump type and your specific requirements.

Beyond that, speak to the experts on the subject. Contact Alpha PMS for the best irrigation solutions in the Gold Coast area. From consultation to final set up, you can rest assured that your irrigation needs are in the right hands.


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