What is a Stairwell Pressurisation System?

Stairwell pressurisation systems are things that most people may have never heard of and some building owners may have not overly considered. So what is a stairwell pressuriation system and what do they do? As installers of many stairwell pressurisation systems throughout the Gold Coast, allow us to explain the ins and outs of this system.

Obviously, one of the core roles of a stairwell is to provide a safe exit in the case of fires. In order to do this, it is important to take every step possible to prevent smoke from spreading to stairwells. This is where stairwell pressurisation systems come in. Consider that you are staying in one of the Gold Coast’s top hotels and a fire alarm goes off. Your best chance of evacuating occurs if you encounter minimal smoke. Because occupants on the top floors may have a long descent down the staircase, the pressurisation system becomes an important safety factor.

Essentially, stairwell pressurisation systems maintain excessive air pressure within the stairwell with all fire doors shut. This means that smoke from hallways and other areas, with less pressure, will not pass into the stairwell. This provides for a safe environment in which people can evacuate to safety.

There are a number of classes of stairwell pressurisation systems that denote their intended utility. There are systems designed both for escape and to protect firefighters while they are navigating stairs. There are systems designed for simultaneous evacuation as well as those designed for evacuation in a variety of phases. There are also systems that are designed for buildings where occupants are assumed to be sleeping. Thus, the type of staircase pressurisation system desired by our clients on the Gold Coast often depends upon their specific structure, purpose, and function.

Because of this fact, it is important to have a consultation regarding your specific needs. Additionally, it is important to identify a vendor with extensive experience in installation and maintenance of these systems as a successful pressurisation system will be required to automatically supply the necessary air flow while simultaneously controlling the pressure to allow children and other occupants to access stairwell doors without struggle.

Those with questions about Gold Coast stairwell pressurisation systems are encouraged to contact Alpha PMS for a consultation and to have their questions answered. Our professionals will note your business type and goals as well as relevant safety protocols in making recommendations about your system.

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