For the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, summer is the busiest time of the year – especially after that first heatwave hits.  Now is the best time to check all your administration and records are up to date so that you’re ready for the season ahead!

There are several checks that Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RTA) holders can take to ensure you are complying with the conditions of your RTA.  Remember – any outstanding compliance issues or an expired RTA will affect your businesses.  Below are 5 checks you can do as a business or individual to ensure your ready for the busy summer period.

Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Keep a list of all your equipment with details of when they were inspected last and when they are due next.   Keep a record of inspection and maintenance testing of your leak detectors, vacuum pumps and refrigerant recovery units ensuing they are working correctly.  You don’t want to get caught out on a job and find a piece of equipment is not working correctly because you forgot to do you maintenance test

Refrigerant Gas Cylinders

You are required to keep a list of all refrigerant containers (cylinders) in your possession (and ownership) during each quarter throughout the year, including test dates.  In addition, maintain quarterly records that show you have checked your cylinders for leaks at least once during the quarter. Ensure you have noted the cylinder serial number, the test date and refrigerant type.

Risk Management Plan

As a holder of a current RTA you need to implement a risk management plan specific to your business for the handling and storage of refrigerant, as per The Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995. Your risk management plan must reflect the risk of emissions relevant to all parts of your business including refrigerant handling, storage and transport.  This applies to you whether your business is conducted from your van, or home office, as a sole trader or an employee of 100 people.

Refrigerant Records

You are required to keep up-to-date records showing amounts of refrigerant purchased, recovered, sold or disposed of (bulk amounts) each quarter

Licensed Staff Lists

As an RTA holder, you are required to keep a list of all employees at your organisation who holds a refrigerant handling licence. This list needs to include their full name, licence number and expiry date. As a business, you don’t want to find out one of your employees has an expired licence before the busiest season of the year.

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