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Are you looking to add a little zen to your garden with a calming water feature? Or are you looking for something a little more dramatic like a three-tiered waterfall? A water feature adds an extra touch to any garden and outdoor area. Water features can give the illusion of space in a smaller size garden—and added bonus of no mowing or trimming. Not to mention adding a fountain has sound reduction benefits, so if you live in a busy urban area, it can be a smart and stress-relieving way to reduce noise pollution.

Water fountains do have a few drawbacks, too. Running a pump most of the day will add a little bit to increasing your electricity use and increase your monthly bills, you have to weigh up cost vs benefits.

That’s where solar-powered garden equipment can be a great option. Solar water pumps run completely off solar power—or a backup battery pack.

A Sustainable Pump for a Sustainable Garden

Despite what you may think, ponds, pools, and waterfalls actually conserve water in the long run. Lawns require a lot of water—most grass needs about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week to keep them green and lush. That will add up quickly over time, especially if you live in a drier climate where you will need lots of supplementary watering to keep grass alive. It may initially need a lot of water to fill a pond, but your average five-headed sprinkler system can pump out about 30 gallons a minute.

Meanwhile, there are the benefits of moving water as well. Water that is cycled and recycled through a pond or pool using a pump is less attractive to mosquitoes and you won’t get the growth of algae, which is what makes a water feature look murky and muddy.

Using a solar-powered pump for your pond or reflecting pool can see a significant reduction in your water use, electricity bill and your carbon footprint.

Solar Pumps Are Easier to Install Outdoors

Installing an electric pump outdoors can be a big job. Running the electricity to the pump will require running a long power cord across your garden from the power source to the water feature. You will need to consider protecting the cord and avoiding potential hazards, generally, you cover the cord in PVC piping, and then bury it in a shallow trench in your garden. That’s a lot of extra setup to get your pond water flowing!

As a solar pump doesn’t require a connection to an electrical outlet, it is a much simpler set-up. Bearing in mind if you will be submerging your pump in your pond or pool you will still need to protect any wiring from water exposure.

Pair Water Features with Solar Lights for an Extra Eco-friendly Boost

Another element you can include to your water feature are water-safe solar spotlights. Some models run on a lithium-ion battery that will run hours after the solar charge is gone—and just like your solar pump, they operate completely off solar power. Solar-powered down lights also provide a beautiful effect to your water feature, with the lights reflecting on the water.

Your options for your sustainable equipment are about as wide and varied as a pond or water feature can be, so you’ll have plenty of options to beautify your garden—and you are able to do it in an environmentally friendly way too!

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