Depending on if you are planning on cooling a home or office, there are many differences between a ducted or split air conditioners, but which one is the best?

Ducted Air Conditioners – Ducted Air Conditioners have a central location where the air is treated then sent through the house or office by fans through a system of ducts.  They are very common in the workplace, shopping centres and other large areas.  One of the benefits of ducted air conditioners is having the ability to keep large areas at a uniform temperature.

Installation of the ducted system is quite extensive as you have to install the ducts through the whole house and vents installed in each room.  Often it is easier to install the ducted air conditioners at the beginning rather than retrofit it.


Split System Air Conditioners – A split system is a separate compressor and indoor unit for each area that you are wanting to cool.  The units are connected via piping instead of ducts.  One of the advantages of this kind of systems allows people to control the temperature in each room.

Installation of these systems is quite a bit easier as the internal units are connected with piping instead of ducts.  In smaller areas these are usually the best cost wise to install but as the area you’re wishing to cool increases, the ducted system becomes more cost-effective.


Running Costs and Efficiency

Although ducted systems tend to cost more upfront, they are generally more efficient at cooling large areas than split systems, but it does depend on the size of the area you’re cooling.  If your home would only need a small area cooled down the majority of the time then a central system may not work out more cost-effective over the course of the week.


Maintenance and Cleaning

Any system you install does need to be maintained and cleaned in order to prolong its life.  Not taking care of it may result in higher power bills and could even pose health risks to your family.

A ducted air conditioner should be inspected by a professional each year with the filters being changes twice a year at least.

While many people choose to maintain their own split systems, it is best to regularly bring out a professional to inspect them. Split systems also should have their filters cleaned regularly along with the unit and coils to make sure that the system is running effectively.


While each of these systems both essentially do the same job, there are many subtle differences in how each works. Whichever you choose will ultimately depend on your own situation and preferences. It is important to weigh up each aspect and you should consider both the short term and long term costs. They can both be great options, but you might find that one choice is much more fitting for your home than the other. Contact us for more about HVAC System in Gold Coast