In Australia, the heat can be unbearable in the summer and the winters can be cold, even in Queensland. A good quality air conditioner is the best way to keep comfortable but what size do you get and why is it important to have the right sized air conditioner?  

Basically – its efficiency.  While bigger may be better in some cases, when it comes to air conditioners it is more about energy efficiency.  If you have a system that is too big, it will cool your house down quickly, but it will turn off and then lets your home warm up again before turning back on. If the system is too small then it will be running constantly trying to cool a large space.

So what do you need to factor in when purchasing the right sized air conditioner?

Well apart from the size of your house and the room that you are wanting to heat/cool there are a some other factors that can have a surprising amount of influence.

INSULATION: How your house is insulated needs to be considered because it can affect the way your house can maintain the temperature.  Make sure your house is well insulated thus reducing the effort your system will need to put in.

OUTSIDE CLIMATE: Being in Queensland, your air conditioners will be under pressure more than in the southern areas of Australia.  Make sure your unit is able to handle the greater demands.

WINDOWS: If you have a large number of windows in a room, the sun shining in will heat the room faster than you can cool it if you don’t have the right system.  This includes the type of curtains that you have. If your windows face the afternoon sun, on a hot day if you don’t have heavy curtains that can block out the sun, your room isn’t going to cool down.

PEOPLE: If you’re looking for a unit to cool a room where your going to have 10 or more people in it for 8 hours then you will need to have a larger unit than one where you will use in the afternoons at your house with just you and the dogs.

Other factors include house foundations, heat transfer between the walls and even the type of lighting you have installed.  

As you can see there are a few things apart from just the room size that you need to consider when purchasing a air conditioner unit.  The most accurate way to find out what type of unit you need is to get a professional come in and calculate it. Contact Alpha PMS today.

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