Pumping systems often carry out heavy-duty tasks. From pumping of water or slurry to extracting of water from subsoil and more, it’s pertinent that they remain in top-notch condition.

Preventative maintenance can involve daily cleaning, lubrication, replacement of worn-out parts, and more.

Knowing when to repair your water pump

The most obvious sign of a damaged water pump would be when it stops pumping water. But you don’t have to wait for it to get that bad to take preventative action.

Here are ways to know when your pump needs repair

  • Observe your pump while it is running for leaks, unusual sounds and smells, or any irregularities.
  • Mechanically inspect the parts for cracks, leaks, burnt fuses, etc.
  • A megohmmeter for testing insulation resistance will tell you whether or not there’s insulator failure in your pump.
  • Water pumps are constantly in motion and any change in pattern can have severe consequences. Use an ultrasound analyser to determine whether there are changes in the pattern that requires repair.

Finding a potential issue on time and getting started on repairs can ensure the pump gets successfully fixed.

Water Pump Maintenance

Rather than repairing spoilt pumps, you’re better off practising preventative maintenance. This will save you a lot of extra costs that full-on repairs would have incurred and will also reduce downtime.

Tips for maintaining your water pump

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions – for instance, a submersible pump is meant to be submerged whereas others should not be exposed to fluids as their motors could get damaged. This and other instructions should be followed.
  • Daily maintenance – a few minutes a day to note the general state of the pump is a good idea. Ensure the speed corresponds with the output. Disparities here is a bad sign in general.
  • Monthly maintenance – you could go a little bit further in your checks. Check the mending seals, oil bearings, and motor couplings to ensure sure they’re in good visual and working condition.
  • Yearly maintenance – you should leave this to the experts. They will examine it mechanically and chemically, then fine-tune or replace any parts that are less than optimal.

If pump maintenance/repair, in general, is not your forte, and you are on the Gold Coast, you can leave it to us at Alpha PMS. We have expert technicians who will treat your unit right, following all specific instructions from the manufacturer.

Performance and reliability are our watchwords as regards preventative maintenance. For your water pump repairs and maintenance in the Gold Coast, contact us now.


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